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Vienna Excursion

A little over a year ago (but we still want to share it with you!), on 5 & 6 May 2023, with comfortable night trains we traveled to the city of City of Vienna to learn as much as possible from the #FrauenWerktStadt and gender mainstreaming concepts.

With a group of 17 amazing women we visited different projects about affordable housing, housing in the hands of women, inclusive urban planning and design and innovation in city planning. We talked to the women who were behind these projects and learned from their fights. If you are interested to read about what we have learned, and which projects we visited, you can look at our excursion brochure below:

Vienna_brochure A5_03052023_final
Download PDF • 6.04MB

We want to thank Febe Schoemaker, Margot Overvoorde, Martha Seitanidou, Simone Lisa Tax and Anna Kozera for sharing their pictures made during the excursion.


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