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Expo #7: Round-Up

Wednesday evening last week we hosted our seventh Expo. We had an interesting and diverse conversation with the #UrbanistasRdam. As always, we want to thank all Urbanistas for their good energy and vibrant discussions. This time we were hosted by Nina Ravestein, founder and owner of P.A.D.landscape, and we had inspiring presentations by Ananda de Vos, Carolina Quiroga, and Ludovica Medori + Giorgia Pierleoni.

First, Ananda de Vos told us about her office Het Lege Atelier and her approach topost-digital drawingand about how visualising is part of the communication goals of the project and has to do with the audience or group that you want to target. She works with three styles: digital collage (aims for expression), stylized rendering (aims for expression + realism) and realistic render (aims for realism). Afterwards we had an interesting discussion on visualisation techniques, but also the importance of taking ownership of your work and establishing your own practice. 

Then Carolina Quiroga shared with us the global platform she founded: LINA Laboratory > Intervention + Architecture an academic and research platform from the curriculum of the University of Buenos Aires, which focuses on heritage and gender. Through different courses, workshops, and special lectures, they go through history an, among other things, they highlight the work of not recognised female architects as a tribute to their work in the field. We had a heated discussion about forgotten female architects and brainstormed about how Urbanistas RDAM could help bringing more attention to these women and their work. 

To finalise the evening, Ludovica Medori told us about her and Giorgia Pierleoni´s project Riverscape Wien, which comes as a result of their Master Thesis. This project aims at generating a collective reflection about the accessibility of architecture and challenges us to tackle the question ofhow we can bring architecture closer to people.She already shared with us a set of 'new rules': #1 go on the street; #2 insist; #3 screw the gap; #4 size doesn't matter!By and a series of small scale interventions in the city of Vienna, they achieved to create the scenery to link society to spatial questions.Not only in Austria, but also in Italy and, possibly in the Netherlands.


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