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Expo #6: Round-up

Last Thursday evening we hosted our sixth expo and we had an interesting and diverse conversation with the Urbanistas Rotterdam. We want to thank all Urbanistas frequent participation and enthusiasm! For this first edition of 2020 we were hosted by De Zwarte Hond and had inspiring presentations by Iris Olié, Maria Selkou and Alankrita Sarkar.

First, Iris talked to us about her participation and experience in the IFLA (International Federation of Landscape Architects) Asia Pacific workshop and congress held in Singapore. She presented the result of her team three days workshop. The concept of her presentation was Resilience - Interwave in Punggol. The inclusive approach between urban development and the natural environment was one of the important highlights. The conversation revolved around future sustainable solutions and integrated strategies with nature. Also how we can contribute and tackle as professionals the sustainable roll within our everyday work.

Then Maria shared one of her passions, Cyanotype - bluetype, where she combines digital and analogue work. She shares her work in "art of the blue" in Instagram. She expresses art on paper and textile where she can interpret the love she has for Rotterdam's architecture. There was much enthusiasm for organising a workshop, so we will look into making it happen!

To finalize the evening, Alankrita shared her idea to develop an international network community. We had a small exchange of ideas and she made a framework to try and organise the input given. If anyone has more ideas of input they would like to share or if you want to help Alankrita develop the idea further - get in touch!


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