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Expo #19 Recap: Women's Vision for Green Urban Spaces

In collaboration with OMI, EXPO #19 examined the multifaceted nature of public spaces, emphasizing their role as foundations for creating inclusive, resilient, and vibrant environments. The event focused on advocating for environmentally sustainable and visually appealing urban areas that serve as safe and welcoming spaces for women.

We were excited to host Marjolein Moeijes, a passionate advocate for urban nature and a ranger with Nationaal Park Stad Rotterdam. Marjolein is instrumental in Rotterdam’s bid to become a National Park City, contributing significantly through campaign leadership, event coordination, and content creation.

EXPO #19 delved into these questions and more, exploring how Rotterdam’s nomination as a National Park City symbolizes a commitment to greener, healthier, and wilder urban spaces. This opened the door to discussions on the unique contributions of women in urban design and planning, presenting an opportunity to drive change in this area. The EXPO also generated insights that will feed into our upcoming workshop, further elevating the conversation on the crucial role of women in shaping our cities.

Key Points from the Discussion:

  • Creating Connecting Green Spaces: Integrating nature into the urban environment across the entire city, not just in specific areas.

  • Shifting Perspectives: Moving from a human-centered to a more ecological perspective.

  • Acknowledging All Aspects of Nature: Including the less appealing elements, such as rats attracted to our waste.

  • Balancing Needs: Balancing the needs of people, animals, and plants.

  • Involving Women’s Perspectives: Focusing on how women's experiences and viewpoints can be more involved in the planning and development process.

The turnout was great and insightful, and we hope to see everyone again for the upcoming workshop. Join us as we continue this important conversation and contribute to shaping a greener, more inclusive Rotterdam.


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