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Expo #18 Recap: Exploring the antidote to the 'Smooth City'

A packed yet 'gezellig' OMI was the scene for an exploration into alternatives to René Boer’s 'Smooth City'. OMI's current exhibition - Cengiz Mengüç's work on Rotterdam South's transformation, running until April 20th - provided the perfect backdrop for an evening of insightful discussions.

The night kicked off with Elisa Otañez presenting her 'Vernacular Design Series', an entertaining and inspiring look at the myriad of ways which people leave traces of their needs in the physical world around them, and Anne Bodde sharing insights from 'Tussentij', a tiny house community experiment in Dordrecht.

Participants engaged in lively debates on the theme, expressing unease with the 'Smooth City' concept and exploring solutions. Topics ranged from the importance of observation, the role of conflict and temporality, to the complexities of language, socio-economic models, appropriation and inclusivity.

This event is just the start. We're preparing a detailed summary for an upcoming event at Kiosk, with René Boer and Kees de Klein. Additionally, these insights will turn into another article for ArchiNed and further discussions with the Urbanistas. Keep an eye on our website and social media for more information.


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