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Expo 15: Round up

Last month we had our first real-life Expo since the pandemic and it was so great to see you all!

That evening we discussed with Magda Szczypka, an architect who aspires healthier and more supportive working environments, and Francesca Ranalli, a PHD researcher focusing on participatory processes in the urban design field.

Magda shared her personal experience working in top-down philosophy offices and unhealthy work environments. She set the stage for many other Urbanistas to share their experiences and frustration. We all agreed at on point: we want to make a better, healthier, more supportive and more humane work environment for all designers! Practical steps have been discussed. We thank Magda for bringing up such an important topic.

Francesca on the other hand, closed the event by sharing her phd research for the city of Almere. She showed us methodologies through which we can include the users at an early stage in the design process. She also showed us the value and the beauty of doing so! Participation, bottom-up design and inclusive processes were at the core of our discussion with Francesca.


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