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Expo #8 (digital):

Cherchez la Femme!

NOVEMBER 10—20:00

Our Expo is going digital!

Join us online for a discussion with María Novas and Lidewij Tummers about their upcoming project: a prototype of a geocaching game to know, analyse, and disseminate the history of Dutch women architects in Rotterdam.


20:00 - 21:00


Cherchez la femme! (“Look for the woman!”) has been the motto to blame any woman behind a man of any of his possible (malignant, wicked, and evil) actions. But what happens if we appropriate this cliché on contrary terms?


Cherchez la femme! Is a playful exploration of serious misappropriation. The practice, stories, and history of most female architects in the Netherlands have been lost or obscured. There is a lack of monographs, archives are devastated, built works are not granted or wrongly allocated, and too few role-models are visible. While conducting architectural research via the design of an urban game, Cherchez la femme! aims to (1) make visible the (still) hidden role models and pioneers in the field, and particularly (2) identify the conditions that made them invisible through time. A rigorous research work with a crime fiction aesthetics, by assigned detectives Lidewij Tummers and María Novas.

Due to the COVID-19 regulations we are sadly unable to organise Expos in real life, so we will meet on Zoom and this time discuss only a single topic, with a small number of people. The event will also be shorter than usual, but of course with the same amount of energy and exchange!

Limited spots available, so get your ticket now! 


ps: Just a reminder that our Expo events are women-only - sorry men, you are very welcome to our socials!

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