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Expo #9 (digital):

RESPONS, the podcast

NOVEMBER 25—20:00

Our Expo is going digital!

Join us online for a discussion with Veerle Alkemade and Catherine Koekoek about their architecture podcast Response. In their first episode they ask the million dollar question: 'Where are all the women architects?'.


20:00 - 21:00


The architecture podcast Respons aims to build a place for researching and discussing feminist questions in architecture. Respons is a project initiated by Veerle Alkemade and Catherine Koekoek after they graduated from the MSc Architecture in Delft in 2019. Every episode focuses on a specific theme - like inclusiveness, education, work culture or economy - and explores it through personal conversations with a plurality of voices who also try to find their space within (the margins of) architectural practice. This perspective on the practice as it is, is added to by interviewing someone with more experience in the field, who in their own way inspires change. 

Respons is curious to hear about your experiences with and perspectives on spatial practice as it is, and looks for answers to the million dollar question that occupies the first podcast episode: where are all the women architects? 

Due to the COVID-19 regulations we are sadly unable to organise Expos in real life, so we will meet on Zoom and this time discuss only a single topic, with a small number of people. The event will also be shorter than usual, but of course with the same amount of energy and exchange!

Limited spots available, so get your ticket now! 


ps: Just a reminder that our Expo events are women-only - sorry men, you are very welcome to our socials!

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