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Expo 17


To start your new year off in style, we're delighted to invite your to our next live expo, taking place on Thursday 19th January. Brush off those post-holiday blues and come and join us for a jolly evening of discussion and catching up!




Entrance 4, Van Nelly Factory,

Van Nelleweg 3042, 3044BC Rotterdam

We'll be hosting two fascinating pitches: from Melissa Bruntlett, who invites us to reflect on the relation between mobility, happiness and the female experience, and Karlou Westerbeek who, with some of her colleagues, will share insights from their research in to inclusive design (a great follow up to our discussions last summer!). Read on to find out more...

Melissa Bruntlett is a Canadian urban mobility advocate and advisor who moved to Delft 4 years ago with her family, now working for Mobycon in Delft and focusing on equitable mobility and sustainable cities. She is the co-author of 'Building the Cycling City: The Dutch Blueprint for Urban Vitality' and 'Curbing Traffic: The Human Case for Fewer Cars in Our Lives'. Melissa believes it is imperative to build cities that work for every citizen regardless of age, ability, income, race, or sexual identity, and will be sharing her personal experiences and research on how spaces with fewer cars improve our physical and mental health and social well-being. She is looking forward to a discussion about how mobility and the built environment are linked to our happiness, and the nuances of women's experiences depending on where we live and have lived.

Karlou Westerbeek is an urban designer at PosadMaxwan (TU Delft, graduated 2021). She has a background in the redevelopment of vacant buildings into housing and an interest in the social component of the city. She will share with us the research she conducted at PosadMaxwan, together with Gintare Norkunaite, Laura Thomas and Maria Kibera, about creating space for collective living. How can we as urbanists facilitate more places for collective living and integrate this idea from the start of the project? What does collective living look like and how can we design for it? We are curious to hear your ideas and experiences with collective living in general and how we can stimulate it in the city of Rotterdam.

Our evening session of pitches & discussions will start at 19.30 and we hope to wrap it up around 21.30, after which there’s a chance to have some more drinks & snacks (included in your ticket!) and some more conversations.

PS: Just a reminder that our Expos are women-only - sorry men, you are very welcome to our other events!

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